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An architectural splendour of minimalist design on the southern coast of Milos with a backdrop looking out towards the island of Crete, this dramatic Villa disappears into the landscape while affording spectacular views of the Big Blue. The sloping roof and asymmetric staircases follow the natural inclination of the rugged terrain. A true gem of the Aegean with its open-plan interiors and large glass facades which retract into the stonewalls, it allows the inside and outside areas to unify seamlessly taking advantage of the uninterrupted vistas from every room, while being totally protected from the natural elements.

In full alignment with its natural environment, it offers both quietness and the beauty of nature, while the only noise being harnessed are the waves rolling onto the shorelines.  

The spacious terraces with the prominent 33m pool overlooking the deep blue of the Aegean sea, are surrounded by a stark natural landscape creating a luxurious setting fostering tranquility and light. 

This single level Villa comprises six en-suite bedrooms with interior gardens, of which three have mezzanine floors. Modern yet sophisticated and elegant in design, the Villa features a fully equipped open-space kitchen with access to the dining area, and several indoor and outdoor lounge and sitting areas, all with uninterrupted sea views. 

Ideal for families, sun worshipers, and sea lovers alike, this stunning Villa is a unique, yet understated, luxurious refuge in the Aegean for those in the know.

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